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An open online market in the Arab region, supporting the buying and selling of anything (cars, real estate, furniture, electronics, fashion, services and more)

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Goodbye to traditional shopping, and welcome to online shopping from your place, wherever you are.

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Where did the idea for Bambo come from?

The idea of ​​using smart phone applications as a tool brings together many sellers who want to display their new or used products and services, and in return there are those who want to buy products and services in the easiest and best way.

Bamboo is a technical mediator that brings together the seller and the buyer through its electronic platform and provides the easiest, safest and fastest way to deal between them.

What are the advantages of Bambo?

Safe and free for everyone

Easy and fast browsing and searching

Form partnerships with your best clients.

Find business deals in just a few seconds

We offer more offers, discounts and coupons

Thoughtful assessment skills

Easy to use and direct

Multilingual and easy

The process of closing the deal

Bambo vision

Activating e-commerce and its privileges in accessing products and services
Bamboo is a leading application in the open market applications in the Arab region by helping its customers to obtain their needs easily, in the fastest way and at the lowest cost.

It provides its customers with the ease of searching, browsing, buying and selling in the best ways, whether cash or electronic cards.

Bambo message?

Provide the opportunity to shop easily and in the shortest time, and serve the seller and buyer by displaying and purchasing products, as well as offering periodic offers and discounts.