Outrank the competition with machine learning solutions

Machine learning solutions are transforming business capabilities. Reimagine what’s possible, and leave the competition behind.

Utilize applications for machine learning to gain a competitive edge.

Machine learning is being used more and more in business. Utilizing the value of their data in machine learning models, savvy businesses are lowering costs, streamlining processes, and improving customer satisfaction.

AI and machine learning have the power to fundamentally alter businesses. ML algorithms may be used to nearly every field, from cybersecurity to healthcare, finance to education, and eCommerce to charity.

preparing a machine learning model to detect prohibited contractual provisions

A methodology for natural language processing that shields consumers against unethical contracts

In order to safeguard customers from unfair terms, Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection planned to develop an automated procedure that would alert consumers by flagging questionable portions of the text.

Netguru role:

Practically every industry or sector can benefit from machine learning.

achine learning can support your business in many ways:

Increase sales

49% of customers are willing to purchase more frequently when machine learning is present.

Improve productivity

Machine learning technologies are projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40% by 2035.

Analyze large volumes of data

ML gives apps the ability to learn and improve over time. It is extremely adept at processing large volumes of data quickly and identifying patterns and trends.

Improve customer satisfaction

75% of enterprises using AI and machine learning tools enhance customer satisfaction by more than 10%.

Our main advantage is our reliable process.

Our team has developed and tested an effective methodology for machine learning projects throughout the years. Our procedures guarantee that our customers get more consistent outcomes more quickly and with greater flexibility.

Our process is divided into these three steps:


Data management

We make sure to prepare the model with everything she'll need for training.


Model/experiment flow

Choosing the technology stack and general strategy



collaborating with our design experts to create a stunning and functional web solution

What is machine learning?

Web and mobile applications may learn, adapt, and get better over time thanks to a set of artificial intelligence algorithms called machine learning. In order to achieve this, it processes enormous volumes of data, finds trends and patterns within them—many of which would not be obvious to a human being—then makes decisions and takes actions to support the achievement of specified objectives.